Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A-Z Challenge 2011

I don't always 'write' you know - sometimes I do 'other things'! So I was really pleased and excited to find out about this A-Z Challenge via a new blog I've started following My Readers Block

This looks really interesting - during April I promise faithfully to post every day (except Sundays) and thus created 26 posts - one for each letter of the alphabet! So there will be a variety of things, not JUST writing/fiction.........

Fancy trying this youself? Well, I think the plan was to try and get 300 people on board - I was 295th when I signed up, but there's still room for more!

Go on, you know you want to!!!


  1. Thanks for tagging along and visiting and saying such nice things about my blog!

    It's going to be fun to see just what everyone does for their A-Z posts. I'm going to have to put on my "thinking cap."

  2. I've also signed up for it. It's going to definitely be a challenge. Not just writing that amount of blog posts, but getting around and seeing all the other blogs! Good luck with it :)

  3. Oh, yeah... I've signed up for this challenge. It really will be a challenge! Whew! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm! :)

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  4. Glad you're in with us. Just ran across your post and I will add it to my list of Thank You's for my post tomorrow (Tues 3/1)
    Now a follower as well. You might want to consider moving your follower button more toward the top of the sidebar if you are interested in accumulating more followers.

    Tossing It Out