Monday, 21 February 2011

Flash Fiction Friday, Cycle #19 - EVERETT'S REBUTTAL

This week's F3 challenge is to write on the aspect of unrequited love, either in the form of a love letter or a 'Dear John' letter.

This was quite an interesting concept and I thought through a few different scenarios before settling on this:


Dear Amber,

Please stop following me around. When will you get the picture – I am not interested!

At first you were kind of cute, hanging out at the rink at the start of the youth team season. Some of the guys think I’m nuts to throw you over but like I say, I’m not interested. And please stop leaving me letters taped to my locker as I get ribbed by the guys reading them out in the changing rooms!

This year I have to be focused on the team and I really don’t need distractions, so if you do have to come to the rink (and I can’t really stop you, much as I’d like to!) please sit at the back, or at least don’t drape yourself all over the barrier rail – I’m sure that can’t be good for you, letting it all hang out there. (and anyway, don’t you get cold wearing those skimpy tops?)

So, like I said, I’d prefer it if you didn’t keep hunting me out. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I’m sure you can find someone else who will give you the attention you deserve, it’s just that I’d prefer someone more my own age – dating you would be like dating my mom!

(By the way, I heard tell you were thinking of trying out for the cheerleader's squad - I think it would be a bad move at your age as you have to be really fit!)



PS – also, could you quit with the wolf-whistles each time I skate out – it’s embarrassing in front of my team-mates as well as the visiting squad.


  1. Hmmm, interesting. So I'm wondering if Amber is also a high school student? I'm having a Glee moment now!

  2. Great story!
    I'm thinking Amber is an obsessive older woman? Saw something similar once with a 40-something lady becoming obsessive with a teenage high school football player. For a small southern town in the 1970's it was beyond scandalous.

  3. Nice! I could sense the arm's lenght Everett presents.

  4. Great letter all around. You could feel Everett's uncomfortability. Nice job on a tough assignment.


  5. Amber is such a cradle robber! Poor Everett. His perception that being with her was akin to dating his own mother was exceptionally chilling. This was great! Loved it!

  6. lol... this made me feel the 40-something that I am. Oh you know, admit it... you walk down the street and see one of those hunks... and then you remember how old you are. Drat.

    Great piece!