Thursday, 27 January 2011

...the next chapter!

Today - life begins!

Yesterday I shuffled off the restraints of employment and today I step out into a whole new (slightly scary?) world where the main currency is not the mighty £ or the $ but TIME!

A friend just Facebooked me to ask how I was enjoying my first day of 'freedom' - my response was that I now have the luxury of choosing when and how to spend my time and that the breakfast dishes will get washed up at some point, not determined by the constraints of time left before I have to be at Mammon's beck and call!

So, yesterday was a day of 'lasts' - the last time I had to log onto a work computer with my code key; the last time I had to shelve a trolley load of books; the last time I had to deal with difficult and demanding customers........the last time I closed my empty locker and handed in my badge and key.

A few friends/colleagues joined me for a celebratory drink and a couple more joined R & I later for a meal - it was a bit surreal I have to admit.

But now I've turned the page and it's pristine and clear and waiting to see what new challenges await and how the rest of the 'story' unfolds .... watch out, world, there's still a bit of kick left in me, yet!



  1. Oh, congratulations, Sue! I hope retirement is all you thought it would be! But you're not really retiring, are you? You're just entering a new phase of your life. PLenty of time for writing - no excuses! Plenty of time for anything else you want to do. Including reading, of course. I suspect you're going to have a ball! :)

  2. Hi, Yvette! Yes - a whole 'new' lifestyle! I hope to settle down and get a bit organised so that I have plenty of 'writing time' allocated! Still rattling along on euphoria at the moment! :-)

  3. Handed in your badge and key eh? Book-cop's last day...

    Hope the world finally recognises your genius and gives you the chance at everything you deserve!


  4. Soon you will wonder where you found the time to go to work...