Saturday, 22 January 2011

Every picture tells a story....

After a restless night of trying to stay asleep and failing miserably, I finally gave in and decided to start the day at 5am! I still have a couple of hours to go before I have to head out to work (yay! The LAST WEEKEND!!!) so I've been flitting around reading other people's blogs etc.

Inspired by Yvette's blog (it's like an Aladin's Cave in there, so much to look at and explore!:-) ) I decided to add some new pictures here, as I've changed the background wallpaper ;-)

So, today, we have Norman Rockwell's 'Jury Room'. I really love Rockwell's art - like Yvette's blog, there's so much to see if you study the picture. This is the current picture on a calendar I have hanging in the kitchen and I was studying it (cup of tea in hand) during the wee small hours this morning.

Looking at each of the characters, they all seem to have something to say, whilst the girl is sitting determinedly defiant as they (perhaps?) try to change her mind. The discarded cigarette butts and scraps of screwed up paper strewn all over the floor suggest they've been incarcerated for some time; the hint of smoke collecting around the light adds atmosphere and when I look at the girl's face I realise her distant gaze is not directed at any of the men around her. Is she considering what they have to say - or is she just wishing they'd leave her alone and stop trying to change her mind? I wonder if she stuck to her guns?

It reminds me of that old Henry Fonda film "Twelve Angry Men", where one juror turns the entire jury round to his point of view. I wonder if Rockwell was inspired by that, as this painting appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, Feb. 14th, 1959 - two years after the film was released.

Back to the title of this blog-post - what story would YOU write, inspired by this picture?

Answers on the back of a postcard, to.......

......or maybe post them here?


  1. Great picture. The 12 Angry men connection is a good one.

  2. You've got me thinking now, Sue! That's a great picture and it's given me a great idea for a story. I'll let you know when I write it.

  3. I didn't recognize your blog, Sue! I like the change.

    This is a great Norman Rockwell 'story' picture. And yes, it reminded me too of 12 ANGRY MEN. (A terrific movie, even now.)

    I'm a big fan of Rockwell.

    And, hey, thanks so much for mentioning my blog. You're a peach. ;)