Monday, 3 January 2011

Back to a new 'normal' !

Well, the decorations are all down, boxed and ready to go back up into the loft. The house is quiet as our Christmas 'guests' have now departed and the place feels empty.

A New Year and new beginnings await - and a new lifestyle, too! Thanks to my employer needing to cut back on staff I've been able to take early retirement, so on Feb 1st I shall sally forth into the world of not having to get up and go out to work! Hurrah!

Quite what I shall get up to is a bit of a mixed bag - at last there will be plenty of time to attack the TBR pile (good job, too, as it's starting to get out of hand!)

The first few weeks/months will be spent re-organising the house, as the vacated offsprings' rooms are to be utilised as 'his & hers' studies/workrooms - in my case, it means ALL the craft/painting/knitting/sewing/genealogy paraphernalia might be located in just the one part of the house instead of scattered about in different cupboards (and even the sheds!)

Anyway, once the novelty has worn off I plan to settle down into a new routine and hopefully get back to some serious writing!

(or maybe I'll start that sooner, as there are one or two interesting writing challenges out there right now......!)


  1. Happy New Year, Sue, and good luck with your early retirement!! Enjoy!!

  2. Writing, yes! :) Hurrah! xxx

  3. I look forward to the results of your free time, which i have no doubt will be rapidly filled up with all manner of useful things and maybe even the odd gin or two... :)

  4. Happy New Year from me as well, Sue. Early retirement: sounds familiar. I hope it's as good as you think it's going to be for you and your family. Now you HAVE to churn out lots of prose, you have no excuse not to. :)

    Don't forget our Short Story Challenge!!