Saturday, 18 December 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle....

One week to go before Christmas! The presents are wrapped, the freezer's full, and sitting looking at the Christmas tree sparkling in the conservatory I think to myself - how blessed I am.

Life's not all hunky-dory at the moment, but on balance I have much to be thankful for and with New Year's resolutions on the horizons I'm thinking about how I can use what I've been blessed with to hopefully make a difference for someone else.

2011 may indeed be a very different year for me - on the work-front at the very least! So, I'm thinking about how to use my time wisely.

One of the projects I want to do more to support is The Butterfly Home. It doesn't take much to knit a few garments and these kids are so needy it breaks my heart.

Another charity I'd like to do more for, practically, is Dogs Trust. This year we lost our faithful hound, Bruce, whom we'd adopted from Dog's Trust twelve years ago; it would be nice to give something more back to this charity, perhaps by becoming a volunteer dog-walker?

So with all this for starters, will there be time for writing....? I'd like to think so, but who knows!

Anyway, as we all celebrate this Christmas let's spare a thought for those less fortunate. Wouldn't the world be a slightly better place if each of us was able to make even a small difference in someone else's life?


  1. Is that your tree? It's beautiful, Sue. I posted my two little puny trees on my blog and some of my other decorations too. Every year I try to give back too, but I always wind up having less to share than I thought. Well, as long as you share what you can, that's what counts. How's the weather by you? Still snowing? We haven't had ANY snow in northern New Jersey so far this year. We'll see what next week brings. :)

  2. Here, here, Sue. Nice words. I'm thinking of doing some kind of charity thing next year to raise funds for stroke victims etc. The progress my dad has made with the help from the underpaid nurses and other staff has been great.

    Hope to see some writing from you sooner rather than later though. Come on, young lady. Write something. :-)

  3. Yes! That's all really :)
    Ho ho ho meeerrrrry christmas!

  4. Yvette - yup, that's our Christmas tree! As for snow - we've had another dusting but so far we're not so badly affected. Not like Mr B!

    David - Glad you're going to do some sort of sponsored event - let me know!! As for the writing, just unearthed a 'seasonal' story I scibbled last year - may give it another airing and post that here soon!

    Rachel - Knitting, knitting, drinking tea, knitting.... ;-p