Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Time's running out.......

The old year is winding down - just around 80 hours (at the time of writing) left of 2010. In these 'in between' days from Christmas to New Year, life seems to be on 'hold', waiting for the normality of the daily grind to begin again!

The chaos of opened Christmas presents piled up all over the place, the fridge stuffed with all sorts of leftover goodies and the hesitancy to knuckle down and get back to the normal chores (because then it would seem like Christmas is over...) leaves me in a sort of limbo.

So, before I think about plans and resolutions for 2011, I've been back over the last twelve months remembering all that's happened; all the things I planned to do and didn't; all the things I achieved and all the things that crept up and surprised me!

2010 was the year I diced with death and did a stunt-driving course, raising money for charity! (surprising how much notice I take of car chases in films these days!!)

It was the year that I read more and wrote more than ever before - shoe-horning both activities around the usual household/employment demands. I enjoyed the challenges from Cormac Brown and Lily Childs to create and weave stories nudged on by various selections of words and phrases!

It was was the year I travelled to America for the first time - experiencing a culture that, at first glance, I'd thought would be relatively the same as my own. Some very noticable differences there....!

It was the year when I lost one of my very best friends - our rescued GSD X Whippet, Brucie. Christmas was strange for the fact that if you left a plate on the coffee table ALL the food was still there when you returned to it! (And it was the first Christmas I can ever recall NOT having to leave the lounge/kitchen doors open for the four-legged one to move around the house freely!)

Also - my first visit to an IMAX theatre! A family trip yesterday to see 'TRON : LEGACY' yesterday was quite an experience.

It was the year when, as I look back now, I realise the hobbies I left by the wayside as other things took up my time. Maybe next year I'll make it a priority to get back to playing the piano every day! On the Genealogy front, perhaps I'll even break down some of the 'brickwalls' in my quest to map out the family tree! (the parents of Archibald Meyer - you're out there somewhere...!)

So, before the old year ebbs away I'd like to say thankyou to all who have stopped by on my blog, your coments and encouragements have been much appreciated.

And remember this:

What life is this if, full of care, we have no time to.......

.......flit around the internet catching up with our mates' blogs!

Cheers chaps!


  1. Nice little post, Sue. I'm sure you'll get round to doing more things in 2011. Don't stop the writing though.

    I'll always be stopping by. We all need a boost or a good word now and again.....or a bad one. :-)

    Take care, Sue. Best wishes to you and your family!!

  2. A good year for you, Sue - except for your Brucie's passing. Travel is always such an enriching experience. I'm glad you got a chance to visit our shores. ;)

    I haven't written my yearly round-up yet, but I suppose I'll have to get to it SOON - as you say, not much time left.

    Hard to believe we're already 11 years into the new century. Remember the Y2K scare? Ha!

    Beginning next week: don't forget our Short Story Challenge! I haven't written a word!!!!
    Must get to it! Do you think I ought to post a Mr. Linky thing? (I'm a little afraid of tackling that, to tell you the truth.) But maybe...

    Anyway, thanks so much Sue, for being such a good blogging friend and yes, keep writing, keep dreaming, keep hoping.

    Happy New Year!!

  3. It was was the year I travelled to America for the first time - experiencing a culture...

    As an unauthorized representative of the American people I apologize profusely for the insanity that passes as culture here and that you may have witnessed.

  4. BBaCB - we were staying with relatives, so we didn't disgrace ourselves through ignorance! And as such, we saw a very different side of America that we might have missed if we'd just stayed in hotels and done the 'touristy' things!