Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Sentinal - Lily's Friday Prediction

Every week, without fail, Lily Childs, hosts a 100-word flashfiction challenge. Why not drop by, take a look, oh - and have a go yourself, perhaps?

This week's words up for grabs were:

[the Archangel]

Sailing very close to the wind, with just a few hours of the challenge left, I scraped together a story (of sorts!) - not one of my usual genres but, hey - first time for everthing!

Here 'tis:

The Sentinel

Uriel’s reflected light shone on the rich tapestries in the bedchamber, picking out fine gold threads in the weave.

His presence disturbed the kestrel, tied to its perch, head shielded in a tiny hood. Though unseen, it sensed the emissary sent from the Most High.

Not so, the woman in repose, fever blighting her slumber in the canopied bed. Uriel leaned against one of the posts, watching. Her beauty stirred him, but only to praise her Creator.

Charged with her protection, he glowed brightly, defying the demons that encroached upon her.

Tonight, they would have to feast on other flesh.


  1. Excellent, Sue. I've been in Manchester for a few days (Niece's christening and a bit of work) so I've not caught up with things. I have posted something though.....another rant!

    See you at Lily's tomorrow.

  2. That was awesome Sue! Being a fantasy and scifi lover (and anything with a bit of magic or demons here and there), that was right up my street. Made me really want to read on, it wasn't enough! Write more, go on, you know you want to... :)

  3. Good work, Sue. I'm slowly becoming a sci fi/fantasy fan. I'm wondering though, with your imagination, why you haven't signed up for my Short Story Challenge - WHAT are you waiting for??? Ha! P.S. I also reviewed Lee Child's new book this week. I know you're a fellow Reacher Creature. :)