Monday, 29 November 2010

"NO CRY FOR HELP" - Review

A few weeks back I blogged about Grant McKenzie's book 'SWITCH' - well, now his second book is on release: 'No Cry For Help' - and once again, it's a goodie!

A finely woven tale, it leads the reader on a 'bread-crumb trail' through a forest of unanswered questions - until you find yourself so caught up with the twists and turns that the story MUST be pursued to discover the fate of the main character, Wallace Carver!

In his previous story, 'Switch', Grant McKenzie posed the question: to what lengths would an 'average Joe' go in order to rescue his family? With 'No Cry For Help' he again puts the reader in that unenviable position, as a family trip across the Canadian border turns to disaster.

Wallace Carver begins to worry when his wife and two children fail to meet him at a shopping mall. As the minutes tick away his anxiety grows and as the shops begin to close, all the possible scenarios for their tardiness that he has had running through his mind begin to evaporate.

Finally, after persuading the shopping mall security guards that something may be very wrong, the local police begin to question Carver and following the discovery that his vehicle bears no signs of luggage for anyone else, assume that his story of a missing family is a work of fiction.

Trying to maintain his account of events, Carver finds his story is disputed further when the police discover that photos taken at the border, of traffic crossing from Canada into the US, do indeed reveal Carver's vehicle - with himself as the sole occupant!

Initially suspecting foul play, but then with all trace of his so-called family's existance erased, the police have Carver expelled back across the border to his home territory of Canada.

Now, Carver has to fight to find out how to get his family back.

Who who has taken them? And why?

'No Cry For Help' is, like it's predecessor 'Switch', a roller-coaster ride of action and emotion which Grant McKenzie handles so deftly. The reader instantly identifies with Carver's feelings of bewilderment and helplessness in the face of bureuocracy, and as he has to grow 'street-smart' and leave behind his former life as a law-abiding citizen there is a sense of driven desperation as he seeks his wife and children - whatever the cost.

The twists and turns of Grant McKenzie's tight plotting keeps the reader on his (or her) toes and seemingly loose ends are expertly woven in as the story kicks on with unrelenting pace!

'Switch' burst onto the literary scene just over a year ago and now it's joined by this excellent follow-up novel!

Now, Mr McKenzie - don't keep us waiting too long for No.3!!


  1. Another one for the Christmas "wish list". I'm going to have to remortgage to have an extra room built for all these excellent books that are being touted. Thanks Sue.

  2. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my latest thriller, Sue. I really did come to think of Wallace and Crow as good friends as I wrote their heart-wrenching adventure. The next one promises to be just as thrilling ;-)

  3. This one is on my 'must have' list. I loved Grant's SWITCH and mentioned it on my blog as one of my year's fave reads. So, if anyone's stuck for Christmas present ideas for me....

  4. ....I s'pose we could have a whip-round for you, Matt! ;-p

  5. Thanks, Matt. I really appreciate the enthusiastic support :-)