Tuesday, 26 October 2010


OK. Call me an old softy, but I do love a good show!

For many years "Miss Saigon" was way up there on a pedestal but sadly it's no longer touring the UK (Please Mr Mackintosh, bring it back, huh? Pretty-please?)

Now, after a weekend trip to the West End I think I shall declare "Love Never Dies" a justifiable contender for 1st place on my list of top shows!

Having seen Phantom and it's new sequel back-to-back earlier in the year, R and I went to see Love Never Dies again - and I think there's a real danger of us two becoming LND-groupies!

For a flavour of the magificence, watch Ramin Karimloo (Phantom) belting this out:

....such a wonderful show and amazing special effects!

And, in these days of economic hardship (we were in the fairly-high-up-but-not-quite-in-'the gods' cheap-ish seats!) - at the end of the performance the star of the show interrupted the curtain-call to give his personal thanks to the audience for spending their hard-earned cash in supporting 'live' theatre.

(....and, cheekily, persuaded us part with more of it, as members of the cast held a collection on behalf of the 'Acting For Others' charity, which supports former artistes and their dependents in need)

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  1. Oh, lucky you, Sue. Unfortunately, I rarely get to see live theater anymore. But years ago, I went all the time and LOVED it! There's just NOTHING like it in the whole world. I always feel sorry for people who've never been.