Thursday, 7 October 2010

Be careful what you wish for.....!

I used to joke that I could do with a nice sprained ankle or something - just enough to make it impossible for me to go to work (or do housework!) and not impair my appetite so I could still enjoy my food, that way I could lie back and get stuck into the TBR pile guilt-free! ;-)

Well, I sort of got my wish - this gammy knee is getting no better and it now seems I may have damaged ligaments. But, the Doc didn't seem to think it warranted a sick note so I've had to hobble into work for the last couple of days, while waiting to see what the hospital has to say about possible physio.

The mini-Matterhorn of books in the TBR pile just glares defiantly at me - I have a couple of titles on the go at the moment but can't seem to settle to read at all....typical!

And the knitting yarn I bought home from America is whispering seductively at me....but it's hard to knit/crochet AND hold a book at the same time (now I see the point of a Kindle, as I could just prop it up in front of me...!)

As for the appetite - no problems there at all. However, having returned from 'across the pond' and realising my clothes are a wee bit tighter (too much good food!!) I'm having to get back to eating simply and sensibly (how boring is that?)

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