Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What are YOU doing this weekend?

I have to work Saturday and Sunday, again! :-( (groan)

The up-side is that my 'weekend' starts now! :-)

Two whole days to myself - so I'm hoping to squeeze all the housework-type-stuff into tomorrow morning, leaving plenty of time for creativity of the literary kind! (oh, yessssss!)

Plan is to get a few more K's added to the WIP (finally get all the thought-out ideas into a readable format) and also take a look at the previous work to pack a bit more punch into the opening chapers before I send it off out there into agent-ville again! (have invested way too much time to give it all up now!)

Need to also factor in more reading time!

Last weekend disappeared into a Joe Hunter void...... don't want to reveal too many spoilers but Matt Hilton's latest JH adventure, 'Cut and Run' is absolutely sublime! Get your reading-faculties round a copy at your soonest! (hurry, hurry - then we can discuss it!!!!)

So, this 'weekend' I want to get to grips with John Connolly's 'Every Dead Thing' - the first Charlie Parker story, esp. as the books have a Maine connection (which destination is also part of my upcoming holiday to New England!)



  1. I'm sure I left a comment here earlier. Whats going on?

    Anyhow, Apologies for being shirty on FFF. I've been on a job that has done my head in.

    Every Dead Thing is a stonker of a read. You'll enjoy it. Enjoy your days off, Sue. Weekend will pass in a blink of an eye. :-)

  2. Dave - wasn't a prob (but I think Cormac was concerned) - I didn't think you were being shirty anyway :-) (have I missed something?)

    I was just commenting on the way your mind (appears to) work(s), given your last story for FFF! :-o

    Have managed a little bit of re-writing but spent most of the afternoon trying to renew my McAfee protection and ended up talking to robots.....

    (ah, now that's an idea for a story.....!)

  3. It's Labor Day Weekend here in the states, Sue. For most people Labor Day begins tomorrow and lasts until Monday - the official end of summer. Tomorrow my best friend is coming in from Ohio for a nice visit, and Saturday I'll have dinner out with my family, including my granddaughter of course. ;) So it's going to be a nice weekend. I haven't done any painting in weeks - the weather has just done me in. I've gotten in plenty of reading, though. I wish I could read John Connolly, but his books are too scary for me.

  4. I thoroughly encourage you to read John Connolly's books. My favourite author. EDT is very dark indeed, but a great debut to the series. Stick with them, too, they only get better. Oh, and as a stand alone, try and get your hands on 'The Bad men'. It's a standalone and one of the best 'ghost' stories I've read in years.
    BTW, that book by the other author you mention IS worth recommending as well ;-) (thanks, Sue)