Sunday, 12 September 2010

Pre-vacation recuperation....

One week to go - and then I'm off on hols, avec daughter :-) but sans OH :-(

So, my usual fiction challenges and aspirations are on hold, but depending on my access to the 'web I'll hopefully keep up with all the 'usual suspects'!

In the meantime, I have to get my gammy knee to rights (hobbling around IKEA yesterday was probably NOT the best of activities!) so today I plan ......... very little that requires movement! So - feet up, a bottomless teapot and excellent reading material will be the order of the day!

Also, I need to plan which literary works to take with me to while away the seven-or-so-hours' journey time 'across the pond' - currently on the list are Peter James "Not Dead Enough", Sean Black "Lock Down" and (in view of the fact that there will be a visit to Maine included in this trip!) John Connolly's "Every Dead Thing".

Meanwhile, keep taking the tablets and back to the tea.......aaaaaahhhhh! :-)


  1. .....not as much reading as I hoped - found the errant copy of the Family Tree and have been putting a copy together for our 'cousins' across the pond! Crumbs - 'our lot' go back further than the US has been in existence! :-o

  2. Sounds like bliss, Sue. To have nothing on your mind but a wonderful upcoming trip. Do you have a Kindle so you don't have to carry all those heavy books? It's the only time you'll find me coming out in favor of e-reading devices. (Hope your knee shapes up in time.) ;)

  3. I haven't read Mr James' book yet, but thoroughly enjoyed those of messrs Connolly and Black. You won't be disappointed.