Sunday, 8 August 2010

THIRTY YEARS? You don't get that for murder, these days....

Fresh-faced a ne'ery a wrinkle - but thirty years on we're still going strong!

August 9th sees us two old codgers celebrating our Pearl Wedding Anniversary (...and they said it wouldn't last!)

OK, we're a little greyer and a little slower but we're more or less firing on all four cylinders as we wobble off towards the land of senility and zimmer-frames.

(Perhaps the secret of our 'success' is that we're never in the same place together for too long - daughter thinks we shall probably kill each other when we both give up work. ;-p)


  1. gosh who are those sprightly looking young things??
    :p happy anniversary!! xxx

  2. Congrats, Sue and Malcolm. 30 years is a great landmark and wishing you many more.

    We're 17 years on 21st August. I could have done a bank job and been out with good behaviour by now. Just think, you could have probably done one and thrown a murder in for good measure. :-)

    Well done, young lady!


    A great milestone. Mandy and I are at a mere eleven years on Sept' 4th, so 30 is some going.

    Here's to a pair of 'Pearlers'... (steady!).

  4. Thanks folks! Of course, you do realise I was a 'child-bride'.....;-p

  5. Congratulations! Well done. 30 years - time flies when you're having fun. ;)