Sunday, 1 August 2010

Raindrops don't keep falling on my head.....

It's Sunday and I have the rest of the day very much to myself. OH has deserted me for a week so I have planned to set aside plenty of reading/thinking/writing time, esp. as I will not have to please anyone else or fit around their schedules.

But, just when I could do with the weather being bad and thus 'forcing' me to abandon the gardening, it stays nice and dry so I feel guilty putting my feet up and reading, or writing up new chapters of the WIP.

There's a dilemma over whether to just cut the grass or actually rip up the turf. This has been on a back burner for a few weeks but now the grass has reached 'critical mass' stage and something has got to be done!

Ripping up the grass will involve more energy than I have (or feel inclined to exert!) Anyway, I don't have the gravel and paving ready to replace it yet and a whole pile of weeds would grow in it's place.

So, it looks like I'll be mowing the 'lawn' (ha! that's a bit of an oxymoron to describe the patch of greeny, browny, yellowy, vaguely rectangular vegitation that lies beyond the conservatory!) which will be interesting, given the length of the grass and the number of ominous ant's nests rising like the foothills of the Himalayas
(mental note to wear elastic bands over the hems of my jeans to prevent the little blighters running up me legs! :-o )

And while the rain's at bay I suppose I ought to finish painting the bench I started last week - (hmmm....still not sure about the colour.....) - have a tin of Hammerite to touch up the rusty ironwork and 'posh' it up a bit.

But, then, just think how virtuous I'd feel when it's all done and I can 'reward' myself with a little indulgence - assuming I'm not too knackered to enjoy it after all that!

....ah,wait - is that the spatter of raindrops I hear...? ;-p


  1. It sounds like you have the same dilemma as me, Sue. Do the needed work or write. Our yellowish, greenish front lawn would have no green at all if not for the clover and moss growing in there. Luckily nobody worries about that stuff much about here.

  2. So much to do and so little time. Ahhh, the joys of life. I'm also in a similar situation, although the heavens have just opened with an almighty downpour up here. I'll send it down to you, Sue. :-)

  3. Alan - I'm not fussed about having a lawn at all, but if I have to have one I prefer it to look less like the Serengeti plains!

    Too late,David - I've been good and done what I set out to do :-)

    Now just setling down to the 'real' work (after I've noodled around on the 'net for a bit). Painting and gras cutting gave me valuable thinking time so I'm ready to carry on with the plot - putting my protagonist in a very tricky situation! (evil grin!!!)

  4. The flowers on my front porch are almost beyond help because of all the VERY hot weather we've had in the past few weeks. Today it looks like thunderstorms will keep me from doing anything outside, even if I were so inclined, which, generally I am not. I'd much rather read, listen to baseball or work on the computer or take a nap. Luckily I have no one else to please except my little dog, Rocky, and he is easy enough. Most of the time. :)