Sunday, 15 August 2010

Airshows and other attractions!

A pretty hectic 48 hours!

Down to the south coast to visit rellies and watch the Red Arrows (see pic) amongst other flying combo's at 'Airbourne' airshow, along the beach at Eastbourne. Then a musical show in the evening, followed the morning after by a run back up to London to the Imperial War Museum (for daughter and I - the OH had an appointment at White Hart Lane!) - then, in the evening we drove to Hampstead to the grounds of Kenwood House for an open-air concert by Jamie Cullum (and the weather, despite having been awful earlier, was very kind to us!).

So now we're home again - (arrived home shortly before midnight) and realising that age is catching up with us......;-p

But here's a spooky thing - some of you may know about the crime story I've written called 'DOMINO'? Part of the story is set in a London police station (which I picked out randomly after a wee trawl around the internet).

Yesterday, when daughter and I remerged from the IWM, we realised we didn't know the way to the nearest tube station (having been dropped at the museum by car). Having asked directions from the museum staff we ventured out into the rain and went in the direction we thought was right.

When it looked as though we'd made a mistake, I jokingly said to daughter, "Oh well, when in doubt, always ask a policeman!" and looked up to see we were standing right outside a police station - and not just ANY police station, but the very one I'd written about! I almost half expected to find one of my characters walking down the steps!

Funny old world, isn't it?

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  1. It's a sign, Sue!

    Glad you've had a great weekend. Regards to you all and have a very relaxing Sunday. ;-)