Monday, 2 August 2010


You know how it is when a book you've been after eventually finds its way into your hands - you're suddenly faced with a dilemma.

Do you cast aside the story you've been reading in favour of the new arrival?

Or, do you keep reading the current novel but all the while trying (but not succeeding!) to ignore the little devil on your shoulder who's whispering enticements in your ear about the new book sitting patiently and invitingly awaiting your attention....?

To my shame, I have to confess I chose the former option, compounding it several times as more new books arrived on the scene. Thus, The Pawn, by Steven James, has become a frequent casualty of late.

That is not to say that it is in anyway poor, rather it's the little devil's enticements eating away at my resolve! The redeeming factor is that within a page or so's re-reading I have fallen straight back into the fast moving plot and engaged with the central character, Special Agent Patrick Bowers and his quest for a villain called The Illusionist.

Set in North Carolina, Bowers is called in to consult on a case centred on a serial killer. Battling demons of his own as he has to come to terms with being a single-parent to his wayward and unforgiving stepdaughter, he finds The Illusionist always one step ahead of the game - with the death count rising, a chess piece is found at the scene of each murder.

As a shady past begins to catch up with the present, suspicion falls on the involvement of the state Governor in a cover-up tied into a massacre that happened years ago. But was there one survivor?

The Pawn is an excellent read, so partly to apologise to the author for my tardiness in reading his book, I'm happy to recommend The Pawn to other readers - and I promise that when I get hold of the others in the series ('The Knight', 'The Rook' and 'The Bishop') nothing will get in the way of me reading straight through!

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