Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Needle therapy

Just to prove I do other things than noodle about on the internet!

The theraputic rewards of knitting are well known - I find it a great stress-buster and a valuable way of letting my brain wander whilst keeping my hands occupied, especially if it's something I don't need a pattern for.

I went along to a new knitting group last week and was going to take along my sock knitting, I'd finished one of the pair but now I seem to have lost the wool....

...so last night I started another instead. (The reason I like knitting socks on four needles is you don't have any seams to worry about - you just get to the end, cast off and 'voila'! Straight onto your feet!)

Anyway, while I was knitting yesterday I found my mind wandering to the literary WIP - I wonder if it's that with your 'body' occupied, your mind is free to explore new plot twists...

BTW - this new knitting group? Not to be confused with this!

At least, I don't think so....... :-o


  1. Sod the knitting, young lady!! You can't come onto my blog, praising me for topping your night off with my 2 dudes chitchat and then tell me you got an email from an agent and leave it at that. [takes a breath] Well?????? ;-)

  2. Ha ha! When did you last have your eyes tested? ('young lady' - oooooh, I shall have a fit of the vapors!)

    Don't get too excited (I'm trying not to) - after sending out a series of submissions, so far I've had one rejection but then an agent emailed me yesterday saying they were interesting in whhat I'd sent and would like to see more of 'DOMINO' - so I've sent that off and now I'm just playing the waiting game! ;-)

  3. Good good. Fingers crossed for you. I'm about to give you an award. Just about to post it now. :-)