Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Death in the Aisles

Following on from something I read on David Barber's blog I was inspired to come up with a wee story, based on an actual event that took place this morning! Herewith.......

Hushed in their devotions, lips moving silently in their incantations, the faithful make their way up the aisle.

They pause, reflect, close their eyes to remember and then, nodding, continue their journey. All around lies carnage, blood pooling around the eviscerated flesh.

Cold corpses, still whole, their flesh still encased in pale and dapple-hued skin stare blankly back with opened eyes at the dark procession of the old and the young, the babes in arms, the elderly shuffling past.

Hands reach out and hesitate, then move along as they read the precious words and petitions, recorded in their own hand on crumpled paper.

A voice booms out from on high, exhorting the faithful to continue, to enrich their experience. And all around is death, where once was life.

Then, with the coldness leeching heat from all available living flesh, the procession make their way to the end, waiting in turn to reach the exit. A quiet moment of contemplation, looking at all before them, perhaps a pang of regret for what was forgotten, a last look back - but time has run out.

A face turns, mouth open to speak, dressed in uniform, declaring the name of the deity they have all come to worship within the narrow aisles.

“Morning, love. You OK with your packing?”


  1. Nice little write, Sue. I'm happy to be an inspiration. :-)

  2. Wonderful writing again. So glad we found each other's blog. I see I have many more cups of coffee and many more stories of yours to read!