Tuesday, 3 August 2010

And the award goes to........

Wow!I have to say a big 'thankyou' to Dave Barber - he's nominated me as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award. This is a very unexpected pleasure!

I also have to thank this young man for introducing me to the delights(?!) of Cormac Brown's Friday Flash Fiction ( er, isn't that a bit like thanking a drug-pusher for introducing them to addiction....?) Meanwhile, he acts like a truss - an ever-present source of help and support. ;-p

So, as I understand it, I have to list seven or so things about myself (this could be really interesting (not?) - OK , here goes:

1. I was born in the days of black and white TV, pirate radio, and before the term 'software' was invented.

2. I have a family tree that stretches back over 400 years (so far), made up of sheep stealers and cattle thieves and one brave soul who stood up to Bonnie Prince Charlie.

3. I worked on a Hammer Horror film, starring Vincent Price. ('Theatre of Blood')

4. I am maried to someone who is PAID to go to beer festivals! (and sometimes he takes me too! :-) )

5. I was a true 'Promenade-er' at the Last Night of the Proms, 1981

6. I recently completed a six part Stunt Driving challenge to raise money for our local Air Ambulance charity. How's about this for my first hand-brake turn!

7. Some people (Mr Glasnost, Col Bury, Dave Barber etc.) were a bit bemused when I was sinking pints after a recent book launch (shame, I think they must lead very sheltered lives...)

I think that'll be enough to keep you going - don't want to share ALL my secrets!

I also undertand that I am now required to pass on this award to other blogsters - hard for me to do as most of you seem to have already received it!

But, here goes:

To my daughter, R, for getting me started on blogging in the first place, and her cheerleading from the sidelines as I attmept to get my work published!

To Matt Hilton for being a brilliant writer, bringing Joe Hunter to life and being general all-round good-egg and one of the best things to hail from Carlisle (as well as my own family!)

To Roger Ellory for being so generous with his time and writing brilliant novels. (just another little award to add to your recent Theakstons' success, then, Roger? ;-) )

To Don Miller and his sometime blogging dog, Lucy, for being a daily inspiration and a thought provoking look at life!

To Doc because his blog is just an all-round interesting read and always entertaining.

To Jarrett Rush, for his infectious enthusiam for writing and tenacious spirit!

Last, but by no means least, to fellow aspiring authorPaul G. for his enthusiasm and encouragement, and also for allowing me to spend a few very pleasant hours in the company of his characters, John Blake and Gareth Bell. I look forward to meeting them in print in the not-too-distant future!

Um, I think there must be more but alas, a long and tedious evening shift at the library followed by a glass (or ##) of red wine has sent me sliding into ultra-relaxed mode and is hammering the braincells......

Anyway, thankyou, Mr Barber, sir, for my nomination. Anyone who hasn't read his blog (there might just be the odd one or two of you kicking about ;-p) needs to get over there and sample his wares, pronto.


  1. Always a pleasure Sue, I just wish i had more books to throw your way, your support has meant an awful lot!

  2. thankyou!! (and well done :p) xxx

  3. Thank you very kindly - I accept.

    Don't know if I know seven others who haven't already received this yet. So all I'll say is, you all deserve it, every last one of the extended family of writers who have entered my life through this medium.

  4. Thank you for the nod Sue. It's always good to hear that what I've written has caught someone's attention but even more so to be placed among so many talented writers. Thanks!