Thursday, 5 August 2010

All beer and kitty litter!

What does a tube train and 60 kilo's of kitty litter have in common?

In this instance - CAMRA's Great British Beer Festival at Earls Court.

This week I am a beer-widow. (Ok,every working day for Mr H means I am a beer-widow, given his job!) What I mean is - he's off at Earls Court all week and I've been abandoned/left-to-my-own-devices back in the Shires.

Anyway, it all seems to be a thundering success - apart from one small hitch (well,I suppose size is relative....)

This is where the kitty litter comes in.

60 kilos of the stuff! (can you visualise that....?)

Apparently kitty litter is useful for dealing with spillages - beer from leaking barrels and ......other stuff which, in the interests of good taste we won't mention here (but too much ale can have an effect on the constitution - you get the picture?)

The problem arises when said kitty litter is delivered to the wrong address. My address, in fact. Yup, this morning I actually took delivery of half a lorry load of large boxes of kitty litter. And we don't even have a cat!

The delivery address had got mixed up with our home address - so the kitty litter was in fact 91.8 miles away from where it should be!

So, 'white van man' (in this instance aka my OH) had to drive all the way up from Earls Court and pick up all the boxes and depart southwards again.

The fact that I nearly did myself a mischief helping first to unload one lorry and then re-load another is neither here nor there (I think that's good for a few treats in the future!!! Hmmmmm -I foresee prolific amounts of 'plastic'-assisted shopping expeditions!) So hubby dear, when you read this - you have been warned!

Anyway, the problem was solved and apparently the GBBF is going very well. Do drop in if you're in the vicinity.....those who know Mr H will probably be able to scrounge a pint off him! ;-p

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  1. Sounds like a great few days out. If only I WAS in the area. I'm sure to kitty litter would have made a nice feature in your garden. It looks pretty similar to decorative gravel doesn't it. Scattered round the flower beds would have been nice!

    Enjoy your weekend and watch out for big green 'praying mantis'. ;-)