Saturday, 3 July 2010

Spikethecat! (...and other news)

Noodlin' around on the 'net I came across Spikethecat - a site created by Richard Hallows which focusses on short story competitions and other pro-writer activities. Worth a look!

Also - get to Theakston's Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year. Three of my favourite authors were among the shortlisted titles so it was a tricky choice - who will YOU vote for?

Well, it's been a weird old week - on the down-side, life at the 'saltmines' (aka the Library) has been cruising down towards the launch of 'self service' and if that wasn't bad enough I had to endure a whole days' training yesterday sitting listening to someone tell us how 'marvelous' all the new library initiatives and work-practices were (I beg to differ...)

But then, returning home yesterday I was gobsmacked to discover that THRILLERS, KILLERS & CHILLERS had used one of my stories to re-launch in it's brand spanking new format! Much smiling! (and much red wine by way of celebration!!!)

Anyway, I'm off for a wee break to Derbyshire next week, so depending on the availability of WiFi I'll be keeping up with all of you.....or not!

Have a good 'un!

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  1. Whooooo! Exciting news about the story :D well done, so proud of you!
    And enjoy your break, looking forward to brief touch-base before you go ;) xxx