Saturday, 17 July 2010

A green and pleasant land

Ah...the great British Summer! We so often moan about not getting enough sunny weather, but after the recent hot and dry spell I'm kinda glad to see a bit of precipitation.

Well, I said 'a bit' - but we've had a fair few heavy deluges recently! This morning I went strawberry picking at a local farm. We'd delayed our picking and sheltered in the farm café first with a pot of tea for two and a hefty slice of flapjack each as we watched the rain pelting down. The returning sunshine was our cue to head out to the PYO fields and just as we got there - spitter-spatter, down came the rain again! :-(

But it didn't last long and the fields were hazy with the steam from wet clothes evaporating into the warmth. And the strawberries looked yummy! (a subsequent 'quality control' check reports they taste just as good! ;-p )

And just to show one reason why we shouldn't give the rain clouds a hard time, this piccie describes our 'green and pleasant land' very well.

This is about five minutes' walk from our house and a place we used to excercise our faithful hound, Brucie.

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  1. My garden needed it though but can the sun please come back now.