Thursday, 29 July 2010

Frogs in Cream and random thoughts....

So, today I received the first rejection letter for 'DOMINO' - it's no big deal; not the first rejection letter I've ever had, and almost certainly won't be the last. There are still plenty of submissions out there awaiting a response - in the meantime it's a case of 'onwards and upwards'! (and I did say I would keep you informed of progress....)

Also, today - am I glad my days at the bibliotheque are all numbered and accounted for? Yes-siree! This morning I finally came up with Harding's Law of Inapposite Worker/Management Ratios - "Those who have brains, use them; those who do not, make the decisions." (........not the best day at the saltmines, no!)

But then, the day was somewhat redeemed by reading a Friday Flash Fiction story by Flannery Alden

So armed with custard pies (virtual, in this instance, but wait for my last day at work.....) I shall launch back into the workplace tomorrow quoting the mantra gleaned from said FFF story:

"We need to be the ones to demonstrate the ridiculous so that people can stop being so serious about everything and see the situation as it is"

......the 'Frogs in Cream' reference in the blog-title? Rejections are no reason to give up! (One frog in Aesop's fable thought it pointless to keep swimming when it fell into the pitcher of cream and sank to the bottom and drowned. The other frog kept swimming, doing what he was designed to do even though the future looked hopeless. The result was the cream turned into solid butter and thus froggy was able to leap back out of the pitcher!) Question is, have I got the stamina to keep 'swimming'? Time, and hopefully a publisher, will tell....!

(Well, either that or I'll make a fortune in the butter industry! ;-p)


  1. Am so sorry to hear you got a rejection. Pout :( but like you say, onwards and upwards.

    I sympathise with library woes. Becoming increasingly disillusioned :p Think we should power forwards with plan: bookshop! ;) xxx

  2. Thank you for the shout-out, Sue! I'm glad that my work inspired you.

    I hope you use it to go out in a a blaze of glory!

  3. Hi Sue, here I am visiting your blog and thanking you again for visiting mine. All I can say is 'keep swimming!'

  4. Sue, I signed in as a follower but then the little picture disappeared. I'm assuming it's still there somewhere... :)

  5. Keep on writing and submitting, Sue. Rejection makes us stronger. It'll happen!

    Had a nice surprise when I got back from Manchester. My lovely wife had booked us to go up to a place called Lochinver for four days to meet up with some friends. A gorgeous place with a beach that wouldn't look out of place in the Carribean! So I have been out of the loop again for the past few days. Back into it no though.

    Have a great weekend.