Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bon voyage, 'DOMINO'

Well, 'DOMINO' has flown the nest! Having sweated blood over the query letter (and getting the printer to play ball!) I finally got my submission into the post at lunch-time; sink or swim, she's on her way!

Now I feel I can rule a line under that and allow the riot of characters and situations that have been pestering my subconcious to tumble out onto the keyboard as I begin to write up the first of a couple of sequels.

Of course I'd love to get DOMINO published but I don't care too much if it's unsuccessful, I just want to keep writing - it feels kinda 'comfortable'! If I can just shake off this day-job I could happily write all day!

But in the meantime, please continue to waft your good vibes towards whatever prospective agent picks up my letter ...... ;-)


  1. "If I can just shake off this day-job I could happily write all day!"

    YES yes yes I love this!!

    Good luck, I am so excited and rooting for you! xx

  2. Hope everything goes to plan, Sue. Not sure who else had an opportunity to read any of 'Domino' but I certainly found the first few chapters you shared with me intriguing.
    Here's to a future bookshelf-mate. (We're both 'H's after all).

  3. Mr G has read it and given me some good advice both writing and re. police procedure.

    Matt - I'll (hopefully!) be further up the shelf from you, alphabetically! ;-p