Saturday, 12 June 2010

Well, chaps - it was nice knowing you....

Tomorrow is D-Day = (Stunt)Driving Day! (It's finally rolled around - it seemed like a good idea, all those months ago....)

So anyway, tomorrow (Sunday 13th June) I'm off to Northampton International Raceway to complete the six-part challenge of J-turns and double-decker driving and all the other exciting, yet scary, things - look here and check out the video.

With OH and kids watching (and snapping pics!)I'm hoping to raise money for the Warks. & Northants. Air Ambulance - thanks to all who have sponsored me (not too late for donations, though! Click the pic at the top of my blog page, if you feel so inclined ;-) )

Assuming I survive the experience I'll be posting pics and news after the event!

But, in case it all goes pear-shaped......well, chaps - it was nice knowing you!


  1. Heehee! Good luck! You will be amazing! :) xxx

  2. Break a leg...and an arm...and a hip...I'M JOKING!!

    Seriously, good luck Sue and have a helluva great day.

  3. Thanks Mr B, I'll try NOT to accomplish any of your suggestions! (and thankyou for the donation, too!)

    ....but, hang on a minute - foot up in plaster = time off work = plenty of time for reading/writing......hmmmmmm........ ;-p

  4. SOunds like quite an adventure...write about it!

  5. Sue, you better come back in one piece otherwise I'm out another woman in FFF, you know I can't be having that!

    Best of luck, be safe, and WIN Dammit WIN!

  6. Only just seen this post, how was it? I hope you're not reading this from a hospital bed...