Monday, 14 June 2010

Qualified Stunt-driver for hire?

Well....sort of... ;-p

Yesterday (Sunday 13th June) I did my stunt-driving - and survived! I managed to get sunburnt on a bit of my forehead and the bridge of my nose - the only parts of me not covered by the fire-suit, fire-proof balaclava and helmet!

And, to prove I did accomplish something, here's my certificate and trophy. More pics and videos to follow, when the family upload them to me.

I completed the six-part challenge:

Hand-brake turns;

J-turns (change from reverse to forward direction at hi-speed and continue without stopping);

Having learned all this, we had to then perform a stunt in the main arena - a head-to-head brake-turn (two cars drive full throttle at each other and brake-turn around each other at the last minute) - scary!!

Next up was Transit van wheelies; I managed to kangaroo-hop and get the nose in the air for 4 or 5 seconds between the designated markers. I don't think anyone managed a perfect wheelie, but it was a great laugh with the crowd whooping everytime the nose came up.

Then we moved onto another track to try out Double-decker driving (one car welded on top of another, top driver steers, bottom driver powers, around a slalom course against the clock)- I really liked this, although it was a bit wobbly driving at speed when you're so far off the ground!

Then a break for lunch where the spectators were allowed to join us 'auto-school students. What impressed me was that all the track marshals, driver-tutors and the MC, all pitched in with preparing, serving and then clearing away our cheeseburgers and salad lunch! In preparation for the after-lunch events, I decided to pass on the chocolate/coffee gateaux dessert....

Then we moved to the off-road track for the Hi-speed chase and shoot-out (with a paint-ball gun); this was really a test of driving skill, esp. when you hit the gravel traps (I managed a donut!). Again, this was against the clock with penalties and added time awarded depending on whether you caught up with the professionally-driven lead car and whether you managed any target hits.

The final driving event was the 'Push-me-pull-you' car (two car fronts welded together, two engines, two drivers back to back, working together to drive the car diagonally round a slalom course)

At the end of the day, prizes for the best in each category were awarded from a podium (alas, no spraying of champagne!) but surprisingly, I won the diagonal driving! (with my co-driver for the day, Kev)

Thankyou to any who sponsored me - the local Air Ambulance are so far benefitting to the tune of £250 + gift aid!

I have a few aches and strains this morning,from being jolted around and the after effects of the safety harnesses! :-0 But, anyway, I did it! Yay!


  1. Well done, Sue. Congrats and I bet you had great fun. :-)

  2. You were awesome!! Can't wait to get the videos etc up on facebook so the "world" can see how much of a rockstar you are ;) xxx

  3. Sounds like awesome fun, and something all would be thriller authors should partake in.

  4. Thanks, Matt - I'll send you the website link then, shall I .....? ;-p

  5. I'm glad you survived! I'm also very glad you had a great day and i can't wait for the pics and vids!

  6. try this one.....

    Will embed some of the others in tomorrow's blog