Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Murder, mayhem....and a chai latté?

I usually run at the thought of 'book groups', which may seem odd for someone who works in a library, but I have my reasons.

At school I used to hate being told "for homework, read the next three chapters of xxxx novel, to be discussed in lesson next week..." For one thing, I usually hated the choice of fiction - our group usually had 'traditional' works like Hardy's 'Far From The Madding Crowd', whilst another group had Neville Shute's 'On The Beach' (that's no' fair!!)

Whilst if left to my own choosing I would devour books, if forced to read something then I found it near impossible to turn the pages!

And that's why I don't normally 'do' book groups.

But, sitting in Cafe Nero :-) this morning, daughter R and I were discussing this very subject. She came up with a most excellent idea (OK, this is her mother grovelling now for accusing her of 'abandoning' her NaNoWriMo attempt last November - see previous post!).

The most excellent idea was a book group that didn't just study one book and pick it to death - but that members would be encouraged to bring a book they enjoyed and 'sell' it to the rest of the group. (By that I mean talk enthusiastically...without money changing hands!)

This seems a wonderful way to share the 'love' of books. It also might encourage members to read a different genre than they would normally choose, thus broadening their perspective. OK, OK - I can agree to forego murder, mayhem and thrillers in favour of chick-lit. (occasionally ;-) )

By the time the chai latte's were drained from the mugs we had almost talked ourselves into doing it - we just need to work out some way to persuade Cafe Nero (ideal venue :-) ) to stay open later. We're still working on it - any ideas?

Mind you, the idea of opening a bookshop is still on a back burner....


  1. I think you should go wit hthe bookshop/cafe/arts centre idea, it's genius. I'd even drag myself out of Brighton to visit!

  2. Ah! Perhaps we'll have to wait for an input of moolah for that eventuality - but I'll put you down for a 'guest spot' reading from one of your soon-to-be-published works, then, shall I?

  3. yes. YES. :)
    I think we should do it. Let's brainstorm venue ideas (until we convince caffe nero of our inherent awesomeness/manage to get ye olde book shoppe off the ground ;) xx

  4. .....maybe we could sell shares to 'interested parties' - between us we must know enough literary bods....;-p

  5. Sue, It was The Theatre Of Blood. As soon as you mentioned the guys 2 pet dogs that brought it back to me. Thanks!!

  6. Congrats on your KT&C story. Nice work.

  7. David - the reason I thought of the film was because I actually worked on it!!! (seriously!)

    (and just realised your comment was re. a different blog post... ;-) )