Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Last Day

Over on Do Some More Damage Jay Stringer wrote a piece of flash fiction about the end of the world and invited comments or alternative stories on the same theme.

Herewith, one possible outcome.....


Not with a bang.

Or a whimper.

The end came unexpectedly for all of us. Some went a little mad. Others were just confused as to why the normal order of things was awry.

And there were those who thought they already knew what was going to happen; the fulfilment of first century revelatory prophecies. Strangely enough, their interpretation of said prophecies and what actually happened didn’t quite tie-in. But then, how would a first century writer describe the internet? Let alone any of the modern marvels like TV and aeroplanes and all the essentials of life that we took for granted, right up until the last minute.

The pulpit warnings of a third of the world in darkness did come true. Not in matters of light and shade, but in layers of evil and selfishness; of hardened hearts and greed; of irredeemable perversity and arrogance.

Likewise, the prediction of a blood-red moon was seen through the veil of pollution stemming from our own indulgence and over-consumerism that led to a permanently damaged eco-system.

These things came quietly, slowly, encroaching on our understanding; like those who wander into quicksand, realising too late that the ground beneath their feet will consume them. We thought we knew better. We explained it away with science. Or else, we chose to ignore it.

But the last day eventually came. The last rising of the sun, the last falling shadows of approaching night, were witnessed around this globe we call Earth and we didn’t even know until it was too late.

We were stopped in our tracks, each and every one of us. In the twinkling of an eye we all experienced the flashbacks. Like drowning men we all relived the minutiae of our lives, as if time had telescoped itself and came upon us in a rush. And an hour passed like a minute and a second stretched almost into eternity. All the values we held, the ways we measured time, distance, feelings, spatial awareness – all is gone. Changed. Altered.

I feel alone and yet sense I am within a crowd. I’m trying to look around but what I see defies explanation. How can I put into words that which my puny brain cannot fathom? Perhaps it’s no wonder those first century writers had trouble describing the future. Our future.

I sense, rather than see, a brightness. A light shining so powerfully I feel the retinas of my eyes burning and yet my mind continues to display images for which I have no base concept for comparison. I hear a voice inside my head, considering every thought and deed I have experienced.

And now there is silence. A sense of trepidation and expectation. As if humanity and creation is collectively holding it’s breath.

I’m waiting. We’re all waiting. Oh my goodness! I didn’t expect………….


  1. Wow, dark and interesting. And thanks for leaving me hanging, i want to know what it was, dammit!!!

  2. Hello Mr G.

    Well - it was the end of the world ....who really knows? :-o

  3. Awesome talent. Keep up the great work, Sue!

  4. I particularly liked this:

    And an hour passed like a minute and a second stretched almost into eternity.

    And also enjoyed the non-ending ending.

    This was a very good entry for the Apocalypse Blogfest! And incidentally, Saint Paul told us that "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him". Therefore, your last words (I didn't expect...) are perfect.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'