Saturday, 19 June 2010

Eat, sleep, breathe, write.....

A week after the drama and excitement of stunt driving - and it's back to the drawingboard. Well, keyboard, actually.

This coming week I'm determined to get 'Domino' (the loose, working-title of a project I started a little while ago) squared off and ready to begin thinking about sending out query letters.

But I also want to get this week's entry for Friday Flash Fiction done and dusted - missed having that last weekend as I was, er, otherwise engaged!

I really do miss sitting down and just letting the writing flow. These last couple of weeks have felt very strange without being able to get any reasonable writing done - almost like being deprived of oxygen.

So this week, now dear daughter has moved most of her stuff out and is happily settling into her new house and becoming independent once again; and I no longer have to worry about dealing with the jungle that was the front garden (now newly block paved :-) ), I'm determined to get back into a strict writing routine, trying to get something useful written each and every day. I don't know if I'll manage it - might be nip'n'tuck fitting it in around 'paid' work and housework, but I'll do it or damn-near die trying!

So, wish me luck and waft inspirational thoughts my way, if you please!


  1. Good luck and here's a little waft for you... x

  2. ........ ! (are you sure you're not wafting something else..... :-o)

  3. Good luck, Sue, and as I type I'm wafting in your general direction. Don't worry, the aroma will have faded by the time it reaches you. ;-)

  4. Thankyou, so much, David!, where DID I put that gas mask...?