Thursday, 27 May 2010

What a Wonderful Week!

I'm having a blast of a week! (with the exception of having to go to work yesterday, as I couldn't get time off :-( )

Birthday celebrations orchestrated (yes, that's exactly the right word, I think!)by my family included a trip to London for a double-header theatre session: matinee of Phantom of the Opera, followed by an evening performance of the sequel, Love Never Dies!

I've seen Phantom a few times and this was as good as ever, but LND was absolutely breathtaking

We also took time between shows to have a meal at Little Frankie's by Trafalgar Sq., then wandered over to see the latest installation on the spare plinth - see pic. Nelson can still say "I see no ships", as he has his back to the fourth plinth! ;-p
Today is a shopping adventure in IKEA to get things for daughter's new house, then a family meal tonight with OH and BOTH offspring, when the son and heir joins us after work.

And although I did have to go to work yesterday, I treated myself to two new books (well, I don't have very many..... ;-p) - Peter James' 'Not Dead Enough' and 'Dead Man's Footsteps' :-)

......and tomorrow, we begin the decorating.


  1. Er, happy birthday! Many happy returns on your 28th! I'm due to go to Peter's book launch on brighton pier on tuesday night but i can't make it. Do you want my ticket? I'm sure he'll be so busy he won't notice the swap...

  2. Would really love to go, but alas I have to work :-( and it's a bit of a trek, too!

    Thankyou for the birthday greetings. Of course I'm 28 :-) (......and the rest!)

    Have had a lovely day involving retail therapy - now just off out for a meal with Mr H, Miss H and Mstr H - sounds like a game of Happy Families, but then for the most part we are! :-)