Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's hard being a hero...

I tend to feel sorry for fictional heroes - they have to keep on outwitting the 'baddies'; they don't always get to keep the girl and live happily ever after; or worse still - they DO get to keep the girl, but then she gets killed off in the next book!

I wonder if there's a ficional heroes 'union'?
Can you imagine the mandate of rights they might issue to their creators......

......and then again, if it all goes pear-shaped, can you imagine how they might get 'even' with the authors who put words in their mouths and guns in their hands.... :-o


  1. Now there's an idea for a bestselling humorous crime book if ever I heard one! I'd copyright that quickly if I were you, Sue.

  2. I can just see a few tired, clapped out heroes sitting behind the desk at the Union Hall, dealing with complaints from henchmen who've been crippled in the line of duty by the bestsellers.
    Not to mention the life insurance claims of the bad guys, notices of intended prosecution for speeding, vehicle insurance claims...

    It would probably be a relief for them to get back out and start shooting people again!