Friday, 7 May 2010

It's hard being a hero.... the Challenge!

Following on from my previous post, MATT HILTON suggested the idea of writing a spoof on fictional heroes getting their own back on their creators - so how about it, folks?

Why not write a short story along those lines - I'm not sure about the legal side of using established fictional characters, so no money must change hands and presumeably all credit must be given to the original creators, hopfully that would suffice to avoid litigation!
(or retribution :-o )

Let me know what you think? (or add your story here!)


  1. It's a nice idea. It'd be interesting to write a scene where John Blake turns up at my door to shove a gun up my nose and shout at me a bit...

  2. Go on the, Mr G!

    I've been toying with a storyline myself - will post it here later, but feel free to add yours.