Saturday, 15 May 2010

Bridport Prize: New category for Flash Fiction

I picked this up at work and it seems this year a new category has been included to the Bridport Prize - Flash Fiction. (up to 250 words) There is a cash prize of £1,000!

The added cachet for those wishing to enter the short story section (up to 5k words), apart from fiscal remuneration, is that prizewinners and shortlisted will be read by leading literary agents with a view to representation.

OK, there's a charge to enter, but it's only £5 for Flash and £7 for shorts.

Worth a look?

(Closing date is 30th June 2010)


  1. Thanks for the info Sue. I'll have a look at this. Have a great weekend. Hello to Mr H. :-)

  2. Looks like the link's broken - sorry!

    Just G**gle 'Bridport Prize' - that should find it!

  3. Sounds like flash fiction is finally getting the recognition as the great form of writing it is.

    Many current 'flashers' are the stars of tomorrow. Maybe one or two of them you know or are one of them yourself.

  4. I'm not sure what to make of possibly being considered a 'flasher', Mr Hilton! :-o

  5. 'flashing' has become an admirable vocation these days - so long as you don't do it in the park!