Saturday, 22 May 2010

....and she's off !!

Great rejoicing in the household - daughter is now the proud owner of her first house! She took possession yesterday, which was a great boost after the car-related problems from the day previously.

So there won't be much time for writing over the next few weeks as we help her to get decorated and move her furniture out of storage and get settled.

But then me and the OH will be left to our own devices.....!


  1. And if my life is anything to go by you'll be over the moon with the new wealth.

    I moved out, next thing new carpets(Not that I shat upon them) furniture, plasma tellies, spanking motor-home, new office for me dad to buy stuff off amazon.

    It's like the £120 keep a month I paid didn't actually keep me, they must waste a fortune.

    They were clever enough to gut my room once I left to corden off any chance of retreat.

  2. You won't know what to do with yourself when it's all done! I hope everything works out for her, especially after the prang, but just think of all the uninterrupted writing time you'll have when the OH is away on business or beer duty...

  3. ....we have plans to reclaim her room and create a study/office! (shhhh, don't tell her that!)

    As for a new telly, Lee - a few High St. 'names' are offering good trade-ups for old TV's, to watch the World Mr H is very interested in that! Carpets? Maybe, now we no longer have the dog but no plans for a motor home!!

    Mr G - my day of 'rest' has turned into a day of entertaining and feeding daughter and her friends, and the son who turned up unannounced at the smell of food......and playing taxi-service to and from the station for Mr H's day out drinking with a mate......maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get onto reading some more of 'Only the Brave'! :-#