Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Writing from experience...

There's a school of thought that says you should write about what you know. That's fine in some cases, but if you want to write thrillers - well, not many of us live a James Bond lifestyle!

But, seeing as how I'm about to add to my cache of 'experiences' (see header at the top of my page) maybe there'll be the odd car-chase or two in my forthcoming writing!

Well, if I'm risking life and limb to help the Air Ambulance Service, maybe I can also benefit by extending the technical side of my work.

Now, what else would pep-up the storylines?

Ah, I fancy having a go at shooting......guns, not cameras;-p


  1. Should I be frightened? :s

    :p xx

  2. Wow, you lucky, lucky thing! I'd love to go stunt driving, i hope you have an amazing time and i'm definitely sponsoring you. Just promise me you'll try and come away in one piece...

  3. Good luck Sue. Let me know how to sponsor you. Clay pigeon shooting is a great day out as well, although when I did it, I had all sorts of wierd things going through my mind, like: what if someone lost there marbles now or even worse, what if I lost my marbles now and just started shooting people. It was fun. :-)

  4. Thanks Paul and David!

    If you want to sponsor me click the 'car' pic on my header and it should take you straight through to my page on the Just Giving website and it can all be done online!

    Paul - I'll try and come away in one piece - can't speak for the car tho'....

    David - can you imagine the carnage if I lost my marbles behind the wheel - watch out, spectators!

  5. Sounds like a blast, Sue. Enjoy your day, and I look forward to reading the stories it influences.