Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcanos DO have silver linings

Well, the volcano that disrupted the OH's travel plans last Thursday has come up trumps!

With no flights in and out of the UK, he was forced to make his journey by road and ferry. This also meant that his trip was a day shorter, so today he's been at home with me.

Despite the fact that, amongst other things, his trip away had involved going to (and at one point, WORKING at) a beer festival, he still found time to attend another one today.

But this time I got to go, too! ;-)

And just think - if that li'l old volcano hadn't blown its top he would still have been away.

(and I would still be stone, cold sober - maybe!)


  1. Not like you to have a beer in your hand, Sue... :P

  2. (shhhh! My glass was empty - I had to borrow M's!)