Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sue versus the Volcano

OK - this was going to be a real day of rest for me! I expected to have the house to myself all day: so, as this is technically my 'Saturday' (time off in lieu of working the whole weekend - tomorrow becomes 'Sunday') I'd cleared a space in my 'housework diary' and was planning a very lazy time, reading Matt Hilton's "Slash and Burn" and generally indulging myself despite the fledgling cold that I'm incubating.

I'd agreed to drive my husband to the station at 'silly and dark o'clock' this morning, so he could catch a flight from Birmingham airport, and despite a hiccup that meant I had to drive home and back to collect the glasses he'd left on the dining table, by the time I finally got back at about 6.30am I was ready for a cuppa!

So, let's switch on the TV and see what's happening in the world, shall we.....well, what's happening in the the world (or my part of it!) is that ALL flights from Birmingham (and various other British airports) have been cancelled because of a volcano!

Nearly choking on my tea, I checked the calendar. No, April 1st is well and truly gone. Did the reporter mean Birmingham, Alabama, by any chance....although a volcano there didn't seem likely.

No, some volcano in Iceland is blowing it's top and British (and European) airspace is threatened by falling lava dust. Jet engines don't take too kindly to that level of pollution and the British Aviation Authority don't take too kindly to said jets possibly falling out of the sky! I tend to agree.

So, I had to go out and collect the returning husband from the station - all the while winsomely watching the hours of my 'free' day being swallowed up. :-(

Plan B (no, not the rap artist) now comes into effect, with husband and his cohorts heading up to Liverpool by people-carrier to catch the evening ferry. They're only going to the Isle of Man, for goodness sake!

Witty father-in-law has just commented that he hopes the journey will continue without the threat of a tsunami.....

Well, not much stops me in my tracks but I think even Matt Hilton can't compete with a volcano - so it looks like 'Slash and Burn' will have to wait just a little longer!


  1. I was rather looking forward to actually seeing some real honest to goodness volcano ash in sunny Brighton, but apparently we don't deserve the excitement down here...

    Ho hum, hope you get some reading time soon, i hate it when my personal time gets eaten up by the unexpected, so i feel your pain!

  2. Am over halfway through S&B :-)

    Progress is being slowed by the sneezes - am averaging a sneezing fit every 5 or 6 pages :-(

    May have to indulge in alcoholic medicine later ;-p