Sunday, 11 April 2010

Spring has sprung!

Maybe I'm just getting hysterical because we've had a couple of days of warm sunny weather, but I think Winter may finally be over! (looks furtively over shoulder)

It's 9 o'clock in the morning, cuppa in hand, catching up with the blogosphere, sitting in the conservatory and the morning sun is starting to heat it up just nicely.

And to top it off, I'm sure I just heard a cuckoo!

Mother Nature has gone mad and everything's growing - especially the grass. I gave the lawn a haircut on Friday, so that's the lawnmower out of mothballs, then.

Mind you - I don't think a little bit of sun warrented our neighbours, affectionately known to us as 'Mr & Mrs Ibiza' (you get the drift...?), having a BBQ and running about their garden off their heads on cheap larger.

Oh dear, as they say 'Summer is icummin in...'


  1. I know a man who could deal with the neighbours for you. Goes by the name of Joe something...

  2. Paul, with Joe, do you mean Joe Dolce? He'd just tell them to "Shaddap You Face".....ahh, you mean Joe Hunter. ;-)

    Just got back from work and about o fire up the barbie. Yes, I'm going to get off my head, but on expensive lager and annoy my wife.

    Happy writing, Sue. A big hello to Malcolm. :-)

  3. Ah, yes! Mr Hunter would sort them out. Could get a bit messy though :-o