Thursday, 1 April 2010

Post-launch fatigue syndrome

....otherwise known as "I'm fed up of motorways....!"

A whirlwind trip up to Carlisle and back (up one day, back the next) was a great treat - that is, apart from the 'interesting' drive back across the Kirkstone Pass, up above the snowline in the Lake District! :-o

Anyway, Matt Hilton's new Joe Hunter book : "Slash and Burn" has been launched - and the assembled throng duly 'wetted the baby's head' !

It was good to finally meet some of the UK 'chapter' of the Arrowsake Alumni! So, guys, (David, Col, Matt and Paul) if you are reading this - I had a really good time and thankyou for letting me join your 'boys club' ! (looking forward to doing it all again with the next August?


  1. Sue,
    It was great to meet you n your hubby (God, too much wine n champers... er, Mike? John? Anyway the Spurs fan) and you fitted into our 'boys club' just fine with yer pint of bitter!
    Welcome to the gang.

  2. Aw, shucks - thanks, mate! I stopped at three pints - thought that was appropriate as y'all seemed kinda shocked to see the pint glass in me hand! (and the OH answers to the name 'Malcolm', btw!)

    Was a really good night - we went not long after you lot so you didn't miss much, apart from Paul G dancing on the table! (nah, that's a fib!)

    And in the wee small hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep I started another story in my head - which will be submitted for approval in the near future.....(with a sort-of tie in to last night's festivities!)

  3. Sue, it was great to finally meet you, and i'm glad that we all fitted in so well together. Actually i'm not sure i should use that turn of phrase with Col reading, i'm a little in awe of his capacity for innuendo...

    I had a great time and really enjoyed the evening, it was nice to be with like-minded people who understand the trials and tribulations of being an aspiring author!

  4. Paul - I'll try and post the pics Malcolm took on his phone - when I've got them!

    (I, too, am starting to be wary of what I say in front of Col...... :-o ) ;-p

  5. Inuendos? I blatantly heard Col talking about masturbation. Where's the inuendo in that?

    Seriously, it was a great evening and really great to meet you and your hubby. (And Paul, but its not his there.) Keep up the good work Sue. FFF this week, I hope, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff on TKnC.

    BTW - I got home at 1.30 am, driving the last half hour with all the windows down to keep me awake. I have a really bad habit of falling asleep when I drive at night. (Surely there's a story in that???) Hello to Malcolm. :-)

  6. Dave,
    You calling me a w*****? I spoke only of DIY for a minute in a tongue in cheek way, oh best not say that... as a joke as the subject just popped rose, scrub it... delete!

    Ps. HI MALCOLM!!!

  7. Oh dear.....I see you lads are in fine form! (rolls eyes upwards....)

    David - glad you got home in one piece and that you just about managed to stay awake - I thought you were mad driving all that way late at night!

    Mind you, we set off at 10 am next day and didn't get back home to Rugby until 5pm (which included a short break near Windermere and a hair-raising drive across the snowy/icy Kirkstone Pass (virtually all the way in 2nd gear - not keen to repeat the experience!)

    FFF -the braincells are on overtime (will have to consult a dictionary to make sure I understand ALL the four words we have to use this week!)

    TK+C - 'Mr Hollis' is about to make another appearance.......

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