Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Man at the Bar

It was hard to tell in that light, from that angle.

Was the man at the end of the bar relaxing over his drink, slumped forward, slowly succumbing to the liquor in the glass nestled in his hand?

Or was he actually clinging to the bar, struggling to stay upright, defying the gravitational pull of perhaps one or three too many?

What lay behind the enigmatic half-grin on his face – a quiet moment of reflection, a subtle contentment, savouring the imbibed alcohol?

Or the realisation that his brain no longer had command over his legs and he was going down for the third time?

Perhaps he was none of these. Perhaps, in fact, he was researching a novel…..

...will we ever know, for sure?


  1. Hi Sue,
    Am I missing summat here, but that's prolific short story writer Paul D Brazill in the photo and I thought you must've just met him in a bar, but...???
    Please explain...

  2. Well, at least I think it is... maybe am wrong.

  3. Well, the man in the photo was doing what his then girlfriend told him to do.

    No change there, then.

    He was chuffed that the bar hid his beer belly. The thoughtful look? Didn't have his glasses on did he?

    The ciggy is smoldering in the ash tray becuase he didn't smoke and the glass contains water. However, he did drink a ton of free beer that night.It was his girlfriends' parents pub, after all. ... The secret of the photo...

  4. Nah - I'm at a loose end and I saw Mr Brazil seems to have changed his profile pic - so I thought I'd pose a question - I've been intrigued by the pose he stikes in this pic.

    The pic merely inspired me to write a wee bit about an anonymous character at a bar - is he relaxing down or struggling to stay up?

    (Was a bit tongue in cheek but not intended in a derogatory way - do you want me to remove it?)

  5. Ahem, I hope you don't mind, Mr Brazill, sir?

    (But how many people can say they've inspired a work of fiction.....?)

  6. I't's great Sue. I should credit the phot to Kasia Martell BTW

  7. Thanks, I'm glad (and relieved)you're not offended. ;-)

    I'm also grateful for the (presumed?) permission to use to photo, Paul, and all credit to Kasia Martell - a very atmospheric shot.

    But then, that's what inspired the post in the first place!

  8. 'The Man at the Bar' would make a good short story title...

  9. Yes, Col, that's what I was thinking......!

  10. If I ever meet Paul, this is how I want to do it. A dark bar, him sitting in the corner next to the wall and nursing something in a short glass. I could do without the cigarette, but we'd probably need the smoke for atmosphere.