Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I think I should retire....

I wouldn't call myself totally a luddite (OK look, I've managed to enter the 'blogoshere' and just about continue to keep my head above water ;-) ) but it seems that my workplace is turning into a paper-free zone!

Which is a bit strange when you consider it's a library.

So, today I've had to encounter electronic payslips and leave-booking forms plus a new till system. Plus our intranet requires me to now have an official signature (which was a new definition of hell to set up) even though I rarely have access to said service and never send internal emails anyway.

And in a couple of months it's 'bye-bye' to the staff counter as the library goes self-service. (yay - not!)

I know things have to change from time to time, but a lot of this has meant extra work for no reasonable benefit.

Except to the box-tickers in their ivory towers!!!! (Col B - if you read this, I think the exclamation marks are totally justified on this occasion!)

OK - rant over - normal service will be resumed ASAP ;-)


  1. Tell me about it!!!!!
    Technology eh?

  2. I'm with you Sue, Exclamation marks, while normally not one of my favourite things, appear to be totally justified. Col, however, wrote enough for both of us so i'm going to share his.