Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday, Friday

I submitted this story to another site earlier this week - but I know there will be a few people who read this blog who won't have seen it. So, as it's to do with the 'reason for the season' I feel today, of all days, is the right time to post it here.


I’m cold.

Despite the pain I’m in it’s strange, but I can feel the cold. Like when you sweat and feel that coolness on your skin as it evaporates.

I can feel that, now. But it’s not sweat. It’s blood.

There are so many puncture wounds and rips in my flesh that at times I can’t really tell exactly where the pain is coming from.

My muscles ache. I want to lie down and rest but they won’t let me. Just when I think they’ve finished they start all over again. But I know this is just the beginning.

What a difference a week makes. A few days ago I was in a very different place. Not geographically. In fact, I was just a few hundred yards from this building. But it was a world away from the present reality.

That was when people wanted to be with me. I had some very good friends, but this – this has driven most of them away. The fear of this happening to them has made them run.

It’s dark. There are still a few hours to go before daylight. More time to rip more flesh.

It could have been so different. But this is all part of the plan. I can’t change it. I can't back out now. I don’t want to, even with all this pain and terror. It is…..necessary.

It’s tempting knowing that I could clap my hands and have done with it. If it was just me, perhaps I would. But it isn’t just me. And so much depends on carrying this through, right to the bitter end.

I can hear them coming. What’s already gone is nothing to what’s coming up, I know that. But I have to look beyond it.

The pain will pass.


They only see the here and now. But I know the bigger picture. They think this will finish it. How wrong can they be.

It’s Friday.

But Sunday’s coming

(Some of you may recognise those last two sentences - and I gratefully acknowledge their origin as statements made by Tony Campolo. And thanks also to Matt Hilton, for selecting an appropriate image to go with the story!)


  1. A great story Sue. Enjoyed it on Thrillers, and it certainly holds a second read. Well done.

    Have a great weekend and best wishes.


  2. Thanks David - Hope you have a good, restful (!?) weekend, too! (except you'll have a housefull of visitors won't you.....OK - delete 'restful', then! ;-p)

  3. just as good as the first time i read it! well done! :) (and i'm going to link it, hope you don't mnind?) xxx

  4. This was the fourth time I've read it n it still holds me. Quite profound yet subtle for a short piece which is testament (!) to the author's prowess.

    Happy Easter, Sue (& Mike of course :))

  5. Absolutely fabulous!