Saturday, 3 April 2010

Friday Flash Fiction #27 - STREAMLINING

Thanks to Cormac Brown's bizarre (what was he on when he came up with these?) choice of words for this weeks FFF, I've been scratching my head for a way to link CACHE CASHEW ESCHEW and THROUGH in some semblance of a storyline!

Herewith the outworkings of my brain - and now I think I need red wine or a lie down in a darkened room (or both! :-o )


“Do you fancy Chinese? Chicken and cashew nuts. How does that sound?”

Sure, I thought. Why not. I never turn down an invitation to dinner.

“Sounds great!” I replied. “We’ll be over about six-thirty, and thanks for the invite!”

I put the phone down and looked at my watch.

Just a few short hours and I’d be rid of Craig and his insufferable attitude. His cache of allergies and affectations hampered the social side of our business partnership. He would eschew gatherings and presentations, preferring to just ‘hole-up’ in the broom cupboard he called his ‘office’ and indulge his passion for binary code and all things computer-related.

As nerds go, he was fairly low-maintenance. I was the one who always had to ‘up’ the company profile. We’d been through it time and again – you needed to spend money to make money. Dress to impress. And I’m not just talking fashion. Our brand new office suite indicated we were a company that was already beginning to go places.

And there were places I wanted to go. Needed to go.

I didn’t plan to stick around afterwards. Craig was becoming an unwelcome piece of baggage, now that he’d set up all the online side of the business. I already had a buyer waiting in the wings, bringing his own tech-team.

I turned to the pc and typed in a message. Craig would pick up the email faster than it would take me to walk down to his claustrophobic domain. I baited the trap with a request for him to help out a friend with a computer problem.

“Her name’s Patti and she’s offered to cook us a meal by way of thank you!”

My finger hesitated over the keyboard, savouring the moment. Pity I’d forgotten to tell Patti that my friend Craig had a nut allergy.

“Bye-bye Craig,” I said, and hit ’SEND’.


  1. Thankyou, kind sir!

    The wine is on 'hold' until later (as is the darkened room!) - more pressing matters await, like: cooking tea (think I'll avoid chicken, or nuts..!)

  2. "what was he on when he came up with these?"

    Not a thing. I started with the first word, and the second was something that almost rhymes with the first. I made sure that the next two rhymed with the second word.

  3. Another great contribution, Sue. Well written with a nice little ending.

    Regards, David.

  4. What a great way to rid yourself of extra baggage! Let someone else do him in!

    Great tale Sue, didn't see it coming.


  5. Now that's one way to end a partnership. Nice story.

  6. Sue, a fine little tale. Poor Craig!!

  7. As a big fan of cashew chicken, I'm appalled that you would cast such a fine meal in such a grim light. But I loved it nonetheless.

  8. Thanks, all! Now, anyone fancy coming round for dinner.....

  9. Good story and another great ending.

  10. What a kicker! A giggle escaped unknowingly at the very end. I'm so glad that you decided to join us and contribute to FFF - you are great!

    Sorry I'm so tardy at commenting, but loved your work!