Friday, 30 April 2010

FFF #30 Seeing's Believing

It's Friday - so it must be time for some Flash Fiction!

This week two sentences tied for first place, so Cormac Brown, our illustrious leader in this venture, has decreed we can use either or both for our stories.

I'm humbled that my sentence was one of the winners - a big thankyou to all who deemed it worthy of their vote. :-)

Personally, I was hoping Rhapsody's line would win as it had stirred up a germ of an idea. Anyway, it just sorta flowed and I managed to incorporate both sentences, so I thought I might as well just get on and post it. Here you go:

Seeing’s Believing

"I know what I saw and years of antipsychotics and group therapies couldn't convince me otherwise."

The trouble with some people is that they expect the rest of us to buy into their weird fantasies but my friend, Ally, is prone to whimsy, so I generally take what she says with a pinch of salt.

However, on this occasion she was so vehement that what she saw was actually real. Even though it sounded bizarre, I’m hovering on the precipice of believing her for once.

OK, it was a sunny day, so maybe the heat could’ve gotten to her. Either that or she’d had some seriously bad ‘tripping tablets’ - I’ve warned her about that before, but she will eat and drink as she pleases, throwing caution to the wind. She’s very trusting like that. Whereas with me, the milk only has to be a little ‘off’ and I’m shouting “Is it me, or does this coffee taste weird?”

Personally, I thought she hated mushrooms, but she says it actually tasted quite nice. Now I’m wondering exactly what fungi she’s been consuming. It might go some way to explaining a few of her more far-fetched stories.

Truth be told, I can’t quite get my head around the account she gave about this latest adventure of hers. I mean, talking cats? That’s insane!

But then, a giant caterpillar making pronouncements (what exactly was in that hubble-bubble pipe it was sucking on?) does suggest there might have actually been something dubious, if not downright illegal, going on there.

Still, Ally was quite adamant about the reason she took off down that hole in the first place. And she still insists it was all ‘real’ and not some drug-induced raving.

But, I mean, would you believe a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat and looking at a pocket watch……..

………just a minute…….what’s that ticking noise?

Say, do you hear it too?


  1. Sue - Sorry, I missed this on my blog reel. And I seem to have been writing all weekend for various things. I've not even started one for FFF yet.

    A nice take on "Alice". Short and sweet with just enough punch.

    I'm wondering this a flashback? ;-)


    Sorry David, flashback?

  3. I was just wondering if it was a flashback to your younger days of experimenting with recreational substances while dancing round hippie camp sites with flowers in your hair watching weekend long concerts. Surely you've not been a librarian all your life. Just my wicked mind. :-)

  4. of that may be true! :-o

    But then, I'm not a librarian, so bang goes that theory!

    (am just a 'umble Library Assistant ;-p - although me and Mr H have 'bred' one: daughter qualified last year!)

  5. The hookah smoking caterpillar has given me a call and told me to read your story. I quite enjoyed it. Nice take on the story of Alice.

  6. A very clever take on the story, Sue! I also like how you incorporated the "coffee" statement in the piece in a very smooth and logical fashion with the other starting sentence.


  7. Thanks for the great starter sentence (and the shout out maybe?)! I love Alice stories! This was fun.

  8. I two (and three) love Alice stories. Smoke 'em if you got 'em! Can one smoke electrons?

  9. This was definitely a great take on the Alice story, however, I'm one of those that can't stand to have my eyes bleed which is why I haven't forced myself to go see the new on in the theatre. I love your phrasing and how you pulled me in feel like I was sitting across the couch from you listening to you tell me the story. Fantastic job.

  10. This was a very clever take on the Alice tale. Really enjoyed this.

  11. even though i am not a fan of Alice :) this was a fun trip --