Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Coffee Break

Fancy a coffee to go with this view?

Travelling up to Carlisle for Matt Hilton's book launch ('Slash & Burn') recently, we stopped on the M6 at a wonderful independent service station (Tebay). The views are breathtaking - and I snapped this through the window. Not bad for a phone-cam, eh?

Trouble is, with views like that, who wants to get back on the road?

(well, we had a pressing engagement...... ;-) )


  1. Wow, that is stunning. I have to say, as a first time visitor to Cumbria i was very impressed with the scenery that Virgin hurtled me through. Next time i might drive so that i can explore a bit while i'm up there...

  2. Great stuff. Service stations are ripe for horror stories, though, aren't they?

  3. Sue, there are some great views in that area. Stay on the M6 and head further up and they just get better and better. :-)

    Great photo from your phone BTW. I'm liking what Paul B said. It's got me thinking. ;-)

  4. David - yup, love the scenery up there - always feels like coming 'home' when we're up that way (well, that's where all my family come from anyway - Carlisle and Scottish Borders)

    Phone cam is quite good quality - I hardly bother with the real cam now!