Friday, 16 April 2010

Click or flick?

I've never really been keen on electronic books. I've always thought I'd prefer the feel of paper in my hands and the delicious sense of "what's-coming-next!" as I flick over each page.

But I've been recovering from a nasty cold and today I laid aside my 'proper' book and instead I've been catching up with an emailled 2nd draft of a book someone sent me to have a look at.

I have to say, it has been a welcome change to not have to bear the weight of holding up a book, but rather to just be comfortably settled on the sofa with the laptop balanced on my knee, snuggled under a blanket. I only need to tap the mouse to move down the page - so in fact, reading electonically requires less activity.

(And now I see that reading a 'real' book means I'm surely burning more calories - look, it's theory! Sadly, that doesn't justify indulging in biccies.)

So, while I still don't think I'd buy a Kindle, or some other electronic reader, at least I can see a plus point for them.

Oh well, back to the book. But, which one? Shall I flick, or click.....


  1. It's a hard choice... I'm not a great fan of reading electronically, as far as i'm concerned i'll always be a paper pages man, but having reread so much of my own work on the PC over the years i'm rather used to it now.
    Real books are easier though, unless of course you have a reader, as it's kinda hard to lug a laptop everywhere, and if you get a real book out on a bus or when waiting somewhere, you're less likely to get mugged for it...

    Oh, and i hope the electronic one is keeping your interest! ;)

  2. oooooh yes! (I decided to click not flick - but don't tell that Hilton chappie, will you? I don't want him sending his mate Joe round :-o)

  3. Don't worry Sue, Hunter never hurts a lady! He's more likely to kick my door in and stick a sig up my nose...

  4. Ha ha - that'll make your eyes water!

    (But just to be on the safe side I'll finish this chapter and slink back to S&B before that really, jolly decent Matt Hilton gets wind.....)

  5. Give me paper any day. Although laptops are essential for writing and reading our own work and the works of others, there's nothing better that a real book. Imagine your down on the beach getting a bit of sun on your back and a big drop of sweat falls off your forehead and in to the workings of your kindle and shorts the thing out or your just at a critical point of the novel your reading and.........the battery runs out. Matt and other authors certainly won't be able to sign your copy of their latest novel if you only have it on your electronic reader. Nice post Sue. Have a good weekend. :-)

  6. David - I never thought about the effects of sweat on a kindle - or losing charge.

    As I said, I prefer to get the book in my hands and feel the pages turning in my fingers!

    And, indeed, nowhere to get a signature on Kindle! ;-p

    Hope you have a good w/e too - some of us have to be working inside while all this gorgeous weather is about :-(