Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I said I wanted a day off work!!

...but what I had in mind was more along the lines of a sprained ankle - you know the sort of thing: 'Oh dear, I can't possibly drive to work, I'll just be forced to lay here reading, and what a good job it hasn't affected my appetite...'.

Well, it didn't work out quite that way and after a truly horrendous day yesterday I think I'm on the mend and almost human again - although I do feel at sixes and sevens.

And I've been giving a bit of thought to this 'writing lark'. I'm wondering if I write because I want to be 'read' or because I want to tell a story - the two do not necessarily mean the same thing! So many publishers only seem to want you to write to a particular 'format' - so if you don't include the obligatory elements you might as well not bother!

And yet, this morning I read something by a writer (David B - you know who you are!) which gave me pause for thought. On a completely different tack from his usual 'guns & trouble' style, he created a compelling story.

Life is pretty busy at the moment and finding time to sit and write creatively is becoming rarer than hen's teeth! Perhaps I need to stop 'thinking' about writing and just get on and write....

Then again, this rambling train of thought could all just be down to the medication.....;-p

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  1. I agree that wanting to tell a story and wanting to be read are two different things, but i think that they're both noble aims in themselves. I write for both reasons, and i love people enjoying my stories, i get a real buzz from the feedback and seeing them get hooked in the plot. I also think that i'd go mad if i didn't write though, as i have all these stories buzzing around in my head and if i don't let them out i start to feel frustrated and cranky. Is that just me, or do you get that too? I'm just finishing my 5th novel, and each time i finish one i think "i'll never be able to do that again", but then i can't help myself and another one pops out...