Wednesday, 24 March 2010


For a few weeks now I've been watching this site and been intrigued by the fact that the various 'combattants' (ie. those willing to take part!) have just a few short hours to create a story from one initial sentence!

I think I've sat by the pool long enough, so I was actually going to 'dive in' this week and have a go myself! However, as usual, circumstances and events (and crises!!) often seem to conspire at times like these and so I wonder if the story (already writing itself on auto-pilot in my brain....) will ever manage to make it to the written page in time!

I think even if I don't manage it within the deadline it'll have been a useful excercise!

I just need to squeeze enough time out between visiting the NEC, shopping in Coventry, house-viewing with daughter, and regaining the use of my car from my son....

.....and not a pub or beer festival to get in the way, either!!!


  1. Go for it Sue. Its great exercise for the old noggin. This week, you have more time as you don't normally get the starter sentence until Friday. Go on....I dare you. We can chat about it at Matt's book signing. ;-)

  2. David - I think I've worked out the logistics - so, looks like I'm 'in' then!!