Sunday, 21 March 2010

A day in the life.....

A busy day amid the books!

Alas - for some of us, even on a Sunday, that's a busy 'working' day amid the books! Stamping, shelving, discarding (yup - all the tatty ones!)

And then, one of the nice bits of the job - a customer comes in wanting a book. Not quite sure of the author. Not quite sure of the title. A quick bit of detective work and we establish both factors - and yes, it's available on shelf in this library.

Then the walk down the long library floor - please, let it be where it should be!

Then, the look on their face as you hand them the 'impossible' !

Aaaah! Soft focus and freeze-frame....

Then - reality check! Customers who grumble because the book they ordered STILL hasn't arrived! Customers who argue the toss over a 10p fine!!! Customers who look at you as if you were something unpleasant on the bottom of their shoe.....

Oh well, such is life's rich tapestry!

(and we do it all again, next week!)


  1. Sue, my mun and dad are 70 and run a working men's club as steward and stewardess. (They love it) but each and every year the members moan that the membership fee goes up 15pence. They get a live act every Saturday and Sunday and cheap beer and still they complain. There's no pleasing some people, :-)

  2. They sound like a game old couple! Good luck to them, keeping busy and (I hope) in fine fettle!

    Ah, yes - the Great British Public! Often so quick to find fault and grumble - but then, occasionally a spark of humanity flashes out in the form of a smile or an unexpected 'thankyou' and it makes your day! :-)